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Early tomorrow morning our climbing team will have the much anticipated departure toward Camp 3 at 7,200m (23,625ft). After spending a few days at Camp 2 waiting for the weather to materialize we are all very excited here for our team’s movement up the mountain. The team is in good health and spirits with bags packed and ready to go. Weather forecasts are looking positive for our summit date of May 18 or 19, seems to be changing between the two days as we receive new weather data. The 18th has higher humidity with lower winds while the 19th has lower humidity but slightly higher winds at 20-30 kilometer’s per hour. Tomorrow our team will reach Camp 3 and spend the night on oxygen.

Happy Birthday to Fred, our virtual reality camera man and guide! He enjoyed a mountain birthday up high at Camp 2 today.


Beautiful image taken of our climbers!


After departing Camp 2 at around 5am this morning, members of our climbing team wrapped up a successful second rotation and returned to base camp. The team had a positive experience up on the mountain and as you can see below enjoyed spectacular views along the way (more pictures to come!). The weather was cold and windy at night and heated up considerably during the day while climbing. Billy, Joel and Jim are spending an additional acclimatization night at Camp 2 with Brent and will be coming back down to base camp tomorrow. The team is in good health and we all look forward to a week of R&R before our last rotation.

The many teams at base camp from around the world are working together now to fix the ropes up through Camp 4, we expect this to happen tomorrow. At this point we will be able to begin to put in place the gear and oxygen necessary for our summit rotation. Michael Fagin, our meteorologist based in Seattle, will soon be reporting to us the weather window for summit day. Our team has been training for months in preparation for the days to come, we are all very excited to begin the ascent to the top of of the world. Stay tuned!


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Camp Two viewed from Camp Three

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Camp Two

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Madison Mountaineering 2016 Everest Team

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On the ascent toward Camp Three

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Today our team woke up at 6:30am and began the climb toward Camp 3 at 7,200m (23,625ft). The weather today is beautiful with no clouds in sight. Yesterday our climbers took a rest day at Camp 2 after the direct ascent from base camp. The game plan for today is to touch Camp 3 then return to Camp 2 for the night. Tomorrow our team will come back down the mountain and arrive at base camp early afternoon. A few members of the team are planning to helicopter back down to Namche for 3-4 nights to rest at lower altitude before returning for the summit rotation. We are expecting 5-6 days between this next rotation depending on the weather window for our summit push.

All climbers are in good health and we are all looking forward to the next rotation!


Ankur enjoying the view of Everest!

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Climbers moving up from Camp 1

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Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.41.58 AM

The Aconcagua team is preparing for their summit bid and have moved to the high camp, Camp 3 at 19,600 ft. (5974m)! Everyone is doing great and hoping for nice weather for the summit climb. The team is ready for the long day tomorrow required to reach the top of the highest point in the Western and Southern Hemispheres and then return back to high camp.

On summit day our team will climb to Independencia refuge, then traverse the western slope, ascend the Canaleta, and reach the summit ridge leading to the highest point in the Americas. Descending into the Horcones valley and exit out of the western side of Aconcagua, nearly circumnavigating the entire peak!

Onward and upward!


Beautiful photos taken by Aconcagua climber Linda Wohlegemuth!



Team photo while climbing Aconcagua!


Team members and tentmates Audrey and Linda call into to report the team is in good health for summit, setting several personal altitude records, and have completed the carry to the high camp, Camp 3 (5989m / 19,650ft). They were also able to sneak in several product placements in their dispatch! 🙂 After a nice dinner and night at Camp 2, the plan is to complete the move to Camp 3 tomorrow and plan to make the summit attempt on Friday, January 22. The team members miss their family members and send their love. To higher places!!


Bernd on the way to Camp 3:

Bernd on the way to Camp 3