8000m Peaks

Mount Everest, K2, and Lhotse are 3 of the 4 highest mountains in the world.

Madison Mountaineering has operated expeditions on each of these peaks seasonally, 5 out of the last 6 years. We also offer expeditions to other 8000m peaks such as Makalu (5th highest), Cho Oyu (6th highest), Manaslu (8th highest), and Broad Peak (12th highest). We plan to offer an expedition to Kanchenjunga (3rd highest) in the next year! All 14 of the 8000m peaks are located in the Himalaya and Karakoram mountain ranges, in the countries of Nepal, Pakistan, and China. Climbing an 8000m peak is a remarkable and often life-changing experience as one gains the perspective and understanding of what it takes to reach heights only a few will ever experience.
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Broad Peak

– Pakistan, Asia 8,051m / 26,414ft.

$ 39,500.00
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Cho Oyu

– China, Asia 8,188m / 26,864ft.

$ 33,900.00
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– Pakistan, Asia 8,611m / 28,251ft.

$ 69,500.00
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– Nepal, Asia 8,516m / 27,940ft.

$ 49,500.00
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– Nepal, Asia 8,463m / 27,766 ft.

$ 48,000.00
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– Nepal, Asia 8,163m / 26,781ft.

$ 27,500.00
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Mount Everest and Lhotse Combination

– Nepal, Asia

$ 93,500.00
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Mount Everest Express

– Asia 8,848.86m / 29,032ft.

$ 85,000.00
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Mount Everest

– Asia 8,848.86m / 29,032ft.

$ 75,000.00