North America

Madison Mountaineering offers multiple climbs in Washington State.

These include Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Mount Shuksan, Eldorado Peak, and Mount Olympus. We also offer custom climbs within North Cascades National Park and Olympic National Park. Summertime climbing in Washington is special in that all of these climbs involve an approach through a dense forest, then alpine meadows, and eventually reaching glaciated slopes with commanding views over the Cascade mountains. We offer mountaineering clinics and training which can prepare climbers for bigger peaks around the globe. Washington is a great place to start your climbing career or a fun area to explore and brush up on alpine skills while reaching a summit or two! In addition to climbs in Washington State, we offer two other notable programs in North America, the Mexico Volcanoes and Denali. Pico de Orizaba is the highest volcano in North America and a great place to gain relatively high altitude while enjoying Mexican culture. Denali, as the highest peak in North America, is a true expedition and one of the hardest climbs as there are no porters or pack animal support available.

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– North America 6,190m / 20,310ft.

$ 14,950.00
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Eldorado Peak

– Washington, USA 2,703m / 8,868ft.

$ 1,395.00
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Mexico Volcanoes

– Mexico, North America 5,636m / 18,491ft.

$ 4,490.00
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Mt. Baker

– Washington, USA 3,286m / 10,781ft.

$ 1,295.00
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Mt. Olympus

– Washington, USA 2,432m / 7,980 ft.

$ 1,850.00
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Mt. Rainier

– Washington, USA 4,392m / 14,411ft.

$ 3,370.00
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Mt. Shuksan

– Washington, USA 2,783m / 9,131 ft.

$ 1,950.00