South America

Climb in South America with Madison Mountaineering!

We offer expeditions to the Ecuador volcanoes, peaks in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and the highest on the continent, Aconcagua, in Argentina. The season for Peru and Bolivia is generally June – August, while Ecuador is year-round, and Aconcagua is December through February. All of these expeditions are great preparation for Himalayan climbing, and most allow refinement of glacier and other technical mountaineering skills. The Ecuador volcano climbs heavily glaciated while offering wonderful accommodations and dining. The climbing in Peru and Bolivia is more remote and accessed by high camps in the backcountry. Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside of Asia, is a non-technical ascent, meaning that we use crampons and ice axe but do not rope up. Greatly underestimated, Aconcagua is a superb choice in preparation for an expedition to Mount Everest and is Garrett Madison’s personal favorite in South America for the full expedition experience.
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– South America 6,961m / 22,837ft.

$ 7,500.00
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Bolivia Cordillera Real

– Bolivia, South America 6438m / 21,122ft.

$ 6,000.00
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Ecuador Volcanoes

– Ecuador, South America 6,263m / 20,549ft.

$ 4,100.00
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High Peaks of Peru

– Peru, South America 6354m / 20,846ft.

$ 5,150.00
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Ojos del Salado

– Chile, South America 6893m / 22,615ft.

$ 7,995.00