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Today, from the Machame camp we started hiking up the trail through the forest and gained elevation very quickly, as the landscape changed quickly from the lush forest to moor lands with large Senecio trees dotting the hillsides. We gained the Shira Plateau where we now have a great view over the valley below. Each day upon arriving at our camp in the afternoon we have a dance party with our porter team, the climbers are learning the dance and songs of the Chagga tripe! Our team is doing great and we are having a wonderful time on Kilimanjaro!
Stats for day 2
Start: Machame Camp, 9,927’
Finish: Shira Camp, 12,355’
Distance Traveled: 5 miles

We traveled by jeep from Arusha through forests and coffee fields to the Machame trailhead, where we checked in with the Park HQ, sorted loads for our local porters, the Chagga people. We hiked through the lush rain forest and finished our day at the Machame Camp. Everyone is doing well, we had a great first day on our climb of Mount Kilimanjaro!
Stats for Climb day 1
Start: Machame Entrance, 5,718’
Finish: Machame Camp, 9,927’
Distance Traveled: 6 miles
 Mount Kilimanjaro

Our team of Kilimanjaro climbers has arrived in Tanzania! This morning after a wonderful breakfast we checked everyone’s gear, and now the team is out on a day tour of the local sights in Arusha. The weather is great, everyone is excited to be here and to begin our climb of Mount Kilimanjaro tomorrow!
Gear checkBreakfast at Meru hotelKilimanjaro Team

We are happy to report our success this week on Kilimanjaro and share a few pics from the expedition.

Kilimanjaro post climb celebration

Celebrating the summit success and completion of the expedition

Kilimanjaro Summit 2014.08

Summit Success!

Machame Gate

Setting out from Machame Gate.

The Kilimanjaro Team has assembled in Arusha, after a safari to several of Tanzania’s best game viewing parks. We are excited to begin our climb tomorrow! — at Mount Meru Hotel.


Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro, the “roof” of Africa, is located in Tanzania and is surrounded by many famous game-viewing parks. Our route up Kilimanjaro, the Machame, is a non-technical journey through five very distinctive climate zones, allowing ample time for acclimatization. We ascend Kilimanjaro in style, enjoying the incredible views, camaraderie, and sense of accomplishment in climbing one of the famed “7 Summits.”

Madison Mountaineering offers the premier climbing experience on Kilimanjaro. Quality is unsurpassed throughout the expedition, and our service reflects a well thought out menu plan, enthusiastic and supportive local staff, and well-appointed accommodations on the mountain. Our professional guides (see guide roster) are seasoned Americans who have led expeditions on many continents, and for whom Kilimanjaro is one of their favorite programs. These guides know how to run a mountaineering expedition, and are well equipped to handle the challenges that arise in any high altitude endeavor. This is the primary difference between us and other Kilimanjaro ‘outfitters’ who employ local Tanzanian staff to lead the expedition, and whose primary business involves game viewing excursions. As a mountain climbing company, Madison Mountaineering offers climbers the highest chance of success in conjunction with the highest standards for safety.

Although Kilimanjaro is partially covered in a glacier, our route meanders around the icy slopes to Stella Point and then onward to Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa. We do not use crampons, or rock climb at any time (unless teams elect to scale the Lava Tower), making this expedition a high altitude trek.

This adventure appeals to the seasoned climber in pursuit of the “7 summits” as well as first-time trekkers who are eager to experience a high altitude expedition in the natural wonder of Africa. We arrive in camp every afternoon, and alongside our very enthusiastic and robust Tanzanian staff, participate in song and dance to celebrate another successful day.

Kili RainOn map

Sunset from Karanga camp, 14,000′ on Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru above the clouds.

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We just finished a wonderful 4 night safari in Tanzania, visiting the Serengeti, Tarangire, and Ngorongoro Crater Wildlife parks.  We saw so many animals and enjoyed the wonderful Sopa lodges along the way, it was a very relaxing and wonderful experience!

Now we are off to Kilimanjaro to begin our first day hike up to the Machame Camp.  Our plan is to spend a total of 6 nights and 7 days on Kili climbing to the top and back down.  We are looking forward to climbing through the rainforest, mooreland, alpine desert, and ice cap zones on the mountain.  I will be using the RainOn tracking system so you can follow our climb up to the top of the mountain!

Garrett Madison

Photo: The team at Gibb’s Farm yesterday on the way back to Arusha from a 5 day safari!

the team

liones in the crater