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Fast, oh yeah!

On the third day of their safari, our Kilimanjaro climbers caught sight of the world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah, capable of hitting a top speed of up to 80 miles per hour.  The game viewing has just been spectacular.  Drew reports: @drewmaloney A mind blowing morning here in the Serengeti. We saw a male Cheetah […]

Elephants, Giraffes, and Flat Tires. Oh My!

The safari continues for our Kilimanjaro climbers.  This evening they rolled on into the mighty Serengeti.  Their words speak for themselves: @drewmaloney I have been to Africa countless times and this is my first safari. I am blown away🤯 by the beauty and majesty of the amazing wildlife. Off to the Serengeti today for two nights […]

Safari kicks off!

Still savoring their Kilimanjaro summit success, today our team of Drew and Jordan kicked off their Africa safari!  Leaving Arusha they were driven southwest to the Tarangire National Park for some game viewing.  Already they are enjoying some elephants and zebra frolicking. Stay tuned for more safari updates at the team continues on to the […]

Kosovo Camp

Follow the team’s progress with our real-time tracking map Earlier today, our Kilimanjaro team trekked the 2.7 miles below the southern face from Karanga Camp to our high camp on the Mweka Ridge:  Kosovo Camp (4870 m / 15,978 ft). We like to pass by the popular, and often very crowded, Barafu Camp and take […]

Lava Tower and Barranco Camp

Follow the team’s progress with our real-time tracking map Today our Kili team hiked up from Shria Camp to the Lava Tower at 4636 m / 15,210 ft.  The Lava Tower is a 300-foot high volcanic plug formation just below Kilimanjaro’s Western Breach that offers an amazing view for those that scramble their way to […]

Shira Camp!

Follow the team’s progress with our real-time tracking map Another beautiful day on the mountain with our team reaching Kilimanjaro‘s Shira Plateau at 3845 m / 12,615 ft.  The day’s hike covered about 3 miles while gaining nearly 3,000 ft. in elevation.  Heading out of Machame camp at 8:30 am, our speedy team pulled into […]

Hitting the Trail!

Follow the team’s progress with our real-time tracking map Our Kilimanjaro team hit the trail this morning and climbed their way over six miles through the Cultivation and Rainforest climate zones from the trailhead at the Machame Gate (1814 m / 5,950 ft) up 1,217 vertical meters or ~4,000 ft. into the Heather and Moorland […]

Kilimanjaro Kicks-off on 8/8

Our initial 2020 Kilimanjaro expedition and safari kicks-off this Saturday, August 8th.  Expedition leader, Garrett Madison, and the team of climbers are excited to return to Tanzania and reach the Roof of Africa!  Follow their progress with our daily dispatches. Our expeditions to Kilimanjaro are truly an experience of a lifetime in journeying to Tanzania […]

100% Sunset Summit Success on Mt. Rainier!

We have returned to the mountains in style with 100% Sunset Summit Success on Mt. Rainier!  Here’s climb leader Garrett Madison with the details from Camp Muir as the team makes it’s way back down to Paradise: Hello! This is Garrett calling in for the Madison Mountaineering Mt. Rainier climb! Today is July 29th, and […]

Rainier 2020 is Underway!

It’s official:  we are finally back in the mountains, Rainier 2020 is underway! Following all of the protocols of Washington State’s Safe Start and the CDC guidelines, our first climb since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has begun.  Climb leader, Garrett Madison, and the team excitedly began the hike up to Camp Muir (3105m […]