Kilimanjaro Climb Day 2

Today, from the Machame camp we started hiking up the trail through the forest and gained elevation very quickly, as the landscape changed quickly from the lush forest to moor lands with large Senecio trees dotting the hillsides. We gained the Shira Plateau where we now have a great view over the valley below. Each day upon arriving at our camp in the afternoon we have a dance party with our porter team, the climbers are learning the dance and songs of the Chagga tripe! Our team is doing great and we are having a wonderful time on Kilimanjaro!
Stats for day 2
Start: Machame Camp, 9,927’
Finish: Shira Camp, 12,355’
Distance Traveled: 5 miles

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  1. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    Beautiful photos and I’m fascinated the team embraces the desire to learn the songs and dances of the Chagga tribe. Wow what a great custom to celebrate the teams climbing accomplishments and welcome the daily arrival to a new camp by singing and Dancing. Awesome, inspiring and motivational! Happiness on Kili! Enjoy!!!


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