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Kilimanjaro / Safari: that’s a wrap!

With Kilimanjaro conquered and the safari complete, a very memorable Tanzanian expedition draws to a close and our team bids farewell to Africa as they head home. Lead guide, Rob Smith, provides the final words on the trip: Many people have heard of ‘the big five‘ when it comes to African wildlife. The term originated […]

Safari – Day 3

Lead guide, Rob Smith, tells the story of the Kilimanjaro team’s final full day on safari in the mightly Serengeti: Today exceeded all our expectations, as Jaclyn said on returning to camp.   Shortly after leaving this morning we saw several vehicles parked at the trailside. This usually means there is something of interest nearby. […]

Safari – Day 2

The Kilimanjaro team is now deep into their multiday safari and having a great time.  Lead guide, Rob Smith, provides the details of their day in two of the most amazing game parks in the world: This morning we visited the Ngorongoro Crater, an area more than 180 square miles bounded on all sides by […]

All the way down

Our Kilimanjaro team has returned to Arusha after coming all the way down from a great summit climb and is getting ready for their safari.  Here’s lead guide, Rob Smith, with the details of the day: After our summit yesterday we returned to Kosovo Camp (4870m/15,978ft) and had a couple of hours to rest, eat […]


From Kilimanjaro, lead guide Rob Smith shares the happy news: The sunrise was beautiful and gave respite from the previous hours of climbing in the darkness. Each of us in a pool of light from our headlamps, steadily climbing up the loose rock and scree. The faintest of light on the horizon, grew larger and […]

Karanga Camp to Kosovo Camp

Karanga Camp to Kosovo Camp, the last segment before summit day. The Kili team has now climbed to high camp and will be heading to the summit tonight!  Here’s lead guide Rob Smith with the details: We reached Kosovo Camp (4870m/15,978 ft), our high camp at 12.15pm. For the first time in our trip, we […]

Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp

Kilimanjaro lead guide, Rob Smith, details the team’s day moving from Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp, including the ascent of the “Breakfast Wall”: We were awake at 5am in preparation to climb the Barranco Wall. It was a chilly morning. If we were lacking motivation, it came in heaps, from an impromptu song and dance […]

Shira Camp to Barranco Camp

Kilimanjaro lead guide Rob Smith has this colorful description of the team’s from Shira Camp (3833m/12,575ft) to Barranco Camp (3981m/13,060ft): Another day of beautiful weather here on Kilimanjaro. Our 6am wake up is becoming the norm, and there are no complaints when the first view is Kilimanjaro casting its shadow onto the clouds below us. […]

Machame Camp to Shira Camp

Meanwhile on Kilimanjaro, here’s lead guide Rob Smith with today’s progress report of moving from Machame Camp to Shira Camp: We have had a beautiful day today on Kilimanjaro, moving up the mountain.   We awoke at 6am in the shade but in good weather. By 8am we were moving up the steep rocky trail […]