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Climbers from around the world are in route for Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania! Our team’s route up Kilimanjaro, the Machame, will be a non technical adventure through five very distinctive climate zones, allowing ample time for acclimatization. Our team will ascend Kilimanjaro in style, enjoying the incredible views, camaraderie, and sense of accomplishment in climbing one of the famed “7 Summits”  at an elevation of 5,895m / 19,341ft

On this great adventure we will have Fred, Dante, Stefano, Ken, Joao, Braulio, Jayme, Petr and Garrett joining us. To the top team!


To monitor our climbing team’s exact route to the summit you can view our RainOn mapping platform here!



Today we awoke at the Mweka camp on Kilimanjaro, after our successful summit climb the day before. The team is feeling great and is excited to continue the adventure. From the lush forest we descended 5000′ to the Mweka gate where we enjoyed a delicious lunch and said goodbye to our Tanzanian porters and guides. Tonight we had a team celebration dinner, and tomorrow the group heads off on Safari, a 4 day extravaganza to the great game parks of Tanzania! Stay tuned for upcoming dispatches from the Serengeti, Tarangire, and Ngorongoro!

Celebration post summitCelebration dinner!Kilimanjaro from the forest

Today we climbed to our high camp. We left Karanga camp and crossed the barren hillsides to reach Barafu camp, and continued on to the Kosovo camp, our special high camp that rarely sees any other climbers. This camp puts us in a position above most other climbing parties, so that our summit day is shorter and we can get out ahead of any potential crowds at the start. Before bed we talked through our summit day strategy, then went to bed early in preparation for an ‘alpine start’ tomorrow morning. We hope the weather will be good for our summit day!
Stats for day 5:
Start: Karanga Camp, 13,335’
Finish: Kosovo Camp, 15,700’
Distance Traveled: 3.5 miles
Snow & Ice on Kili