Our team of climbing Sherpas from Nepal have landed in Islamabad! They are now heading to base camp with our local Pakistani guides. Our American and European climbers are finishing last minute preparations at home and excited to depart soon! We will be posting regular updates here on our K2 & Broad Peak dispatch page, beginning soon!
The savage mountain

Our “High peaks of Peru” team has assembled in the mountain town of Huaraz, Peru, after flying from Lima. A few days of acclimatization are in order befor the climbing begins! Looks like perfect weather!! Enjoy guys!!

Photo 1: the team

Photo 2: the Huaraz airport

Photo 3: a glimpse of the Cordillera Blanca

Madison Mountaineering Guide Billy Nugent led 2 climbers to the summit of Mt. Baker today, reporting excellent conditions and fantastic views! They have one more day of mountaineering training before heading back to Seattle. Nice work guys!

Last night we had our final team dinner at a nice restaurant in Kathmandu, where we began our expedition just over one month ago. Although this season on Everest was marked by tragedy, it felt good to be together and enjoy a nice meal among friends back from the mountain. Yesterday I went to the Ministry of Tourism to sign off on the expedition paperwork, and received notice that the SPCC had officially cancelled any plans to re fix the route from base camp through the Khumbu Icefall to Camp 1. We understand all teams have abandoned their climbs, both on the North and South sides of Everest, as the mountain is “closed” on both sides, by the Chinese and Nepalese governments respectively.

All of our climbers are now either on their way home or planning to leave Kathmandu in the next day or two. The damage caused to the city of Kathmandu by the earthquake is evident, but things seem very much back to normal, although the city is quiet and many businesses are still closed.

Our expedition had been going perfectly up until the earthquake occurred on April 25th. We had trekked to base camp, reviewed technical climbing skills for a full week in the lower Khumbu glacier, and had almost reached Camp 2 on our first acclimatization ‘rotation’ when the mountain shook. Those of us up high on the mountain were lucky, those in base camp were not. Our hearts go out to the family of our wonderful base camp doctor, Eve Girawong, and the others who perished at Everest Base Camp as a result of the earthquake. The overall loss of life in Nepal is very tragic, and we recommend the below relief fund if you wish to donate. There is much work to be done in helping the people of Nepal and in rebuilding the areas devastated by the earthquake, we will continue to support these efforts.

International Medical Corps

Although this season on Everest was challenging on many levels, we will continue to climb, and we will return to Everest.

Garrett Madison, Expedition Leader
Madison Mountaineering

The climbers are all back in Kathmandu and preparing to head home soon.

Climbers back in KTM

Garrett, Vibeke, Andrea, and Karl arrived in Lukla yesterday and are hoping to be able to fly to Kathmandu today. The rest of team has already made their way to Kathmandu and some on to their home countries.

More details as we get them.

Today the team members Alan, Rosier, Davi, Yuki, Koei, and guides Conan, Billy, & Fred walked from Namche to Lukla, and are expecting to fly tomorrow morning to Kathmandu, to join members Joe, Haley, Randall, Louis, Michael, and Ron. Ankur has begun the journey home to India.

In Namche now we have Garrett, Vibeke, Andrea, and Karl. All members listed are doing fine and enjoying the nice weather today in the Khumbu and Kathmandu valleys.

Please help celebrate and honor the life of our dear base camp medic Eve Girawong, who mean so much to all of us and who dedicated her life to helping others, by generously making donations in her name to International Medical Corps Nepal Disaster Relief Fund.

International Medical Corps Nepal Disaster Relief Fund

Honor Eve

Currently the team is on the way down the Khumbu valley and heading home. As we walk down the valley we have seen many homes that have been damaged by the earthquake. Some have lost walls, others have been totally leveled. The local people are now working to repair the damage done to their villages. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of them.

Joe, Louis, Haley, Randall, and Ankur took a helicopter to Lukla and are awaiting a flight to Kathmandu. In Namche for the next two nights we have Garrett, Conan, Billy, Fred, Yuki, Koei, Alan, Rosier, and Davi.

Karl, Andrea, and Vibeke stayed behind in Gorak Shep to look for additional items around base camp, and will likely meet the others tomorrow in Namche. Michael and Ron are in Kathmandu at the Yak & Yeti hotel.

All members listed are doing fine. Thank you for all your well wishes.

We would like to encourage you to donate in memory of Eve to the Nepal Disaster Relief Fund. As our base camp Medic, Marisa Eve Girawong, dedicated her life to helping others.

The climbing team hiked down from Gorak Shep to the village of Deboche for the night and will be moving to Namche Bazaar tomorrow Nepal time. They are doing fine.

More details as we get them.