Climbing team safely arrived in Camp 2

After a alpine start this morning our climbing team safely arrived in Camp 2 this afternoon. Waking up at 11:30pm our team had a quick breakfast before taking off into the icefall. The weather conditions were clear through the night with snow rolling in throughout the morning. Garrett reports from Camp 2 that the team is tired but all in good condition after the big push. The plan is to rest tomorrow at Camp 2 then touch Camp 3 the following day. In total spending 4 nights on the mountain for this second rotation before coming back down to base camp.

Brent and Kent are acclimatizing here at base camp and will go on a hike toward Pumori tomorrow morning. They plan to climb to Camp 1 the following day. The summit window for Everest will be arriving shortly, stay tuned as we journey to the top of the world!



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  1. Loria
    Loria says:

    Glad everyone is doing well. I just watched the movie, “Sherpa,” and was surprised by how much pressure it takes to suvive Everest…for them, everything is at stake : life,, death, marriages, God….How is the situation between Sherpa and Westerners this year.? It seems one good step forward is the helios there were approved by the government to carry fixed rople and supplies up to the higher camps instead having Sherpa go through the icefall so many times. What have you been seeing?

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Hi Loria, thank you for the note! From what we have experienced the relationship between Sherpa and Westerners is very positive. Our team is very close and we all work together to accomplish our mission. Definitely agree that the movement of ropes and equipment by helicopter was a great decision that was approved by the government. Every one of our climbing Sherpa have a beacon device which were are very happy about. Thank you again for your support! Cheers, Andrew


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