Climbing team is safely resting at Camp 2

After a early alpine start this morning our entire team is now safely resting at Camp 2 on their summit rotation. Our team will plan to rest at Camp 2 for an additional day before making the ascent to Camp 3 on Everest. Weather reports are looking positive for our original summit date between May 14-16. Tomorrow morning we will receive a detailed weather report from Michael Fagin in Seattle which will provide our team with the forecasts needed to make the decision. Our Sherpa team higher on the mountain is securing the route and fixed lines to the summit and is on track for success. It has been snowing pretty consistently here at base camp in the afternoon’s with the sun shining earlier in the day. Communication systems are back up and running and we will check in tomorrow at the same time. Onward!


Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.35.48 PM

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