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Garrett and Kili climbers in Arusha

Our Kilimanjaro team has all arrived in Arusha, Tanzania and is stoked to begin the expedition.  Here’s team leader, Garrett Madison, with today’s dispatch:

Well, hello from Tanzania! This is Garrett calling in for the Madison Mountaineering Kilimanjaro expedition. Today is Sunday, August 9th, and we arrived over the last couple of days here in Tanzania.

It’s been an interesting experience traveling internationally from the United States, given the current situation in the world. But we’ve had smooth travels. We arrived with no problems. Everyone is healthy and rested up.

We went over to a hot springs today in Moshe and did some swimming around. Had a nice time there, and we’ve done our gear checks. We are looking forward to heading to the trailhead tomorrow morning to start our program. Tonight we are going to go out for a team dinner, get a little food here in town.

Everyone’s doing well, and we’re very excited to head up to Kilimanjaro and begin our expedition!

Kili climbers arrive Tanzania

Kili climbers arrive Tanzania

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