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Our K2 climbers arrived safely at Camp 2 at 22,000ft or 6,700 meters ASL today. The team will rest and closely monitor the weather as they move higher up the mountain. Based on our current weather forecasts the team will be able to climb to Camp 3 tomorrow at roughly 24,770 ft or 7,550 meters ASL.

Photos taken by Stuart Erskine.


Stuart at Camp 2 on K2. China is in the distance. Notice the tents in the background that have been destroyed by storms, which can be ferocious on K2.



Climbing towards the chimney section of K2, between Camp 1 and Camp 2. A climber is heading into the chimney section ahead of us.



Garrett Madison our expedition leader stops to talk to our Nepalese Sherpa on his two way radio. The Sherpas are installing fixed ropes further up on K2.