Our international expedition prepares for K2 Summit rotation

In one day or so our international expedition of four climbers, two guides and six Sherpas will be leaving on their third and final climbing rotation, their K2 summit rotation. We expect the summit rotation to take six days to summit and return to K2 Base Camp.

Beautiful photos taken by Stuart Erskine.


This is the first time we’ve seen K2 in a week or so as it has been non-stop fog and blowing snow.



Broad Peak, the Godwin Austin Glacier and K2 Base Camp from partway up K2 Glacier.



K2 glacier looking up to K2.



K2 glacier and K2 in the middle, with Angle Peak to the left and Broad Peak to the right.



At K2 Base Camp we’ve had snow, fog and rain for over a week now since July 13, 2016. This is our first nice day of weather and we are experiencing a lot of avalanches. This avalanche coming high off K2 from the bottleneck at over 27,000 ft has some serious propulsion and just misses the top of K2 Base Camp. The debris goes all the way across the valley towards the base of Broad Peak.



Life is a balance. Stuart, a rock and K2.



Stuart and his Sherpa climbed up onto the K2 glacier to the base of K2 to ponder their upcoming summit bid and contemplate safe passage on the mountain.


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