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Checking-in from the slopes of Cotopaxi

There is no connectivity currently for our Ecuador Volcanoes expedition team, but our expedition leader, Terray Sylvester checked-in today with a quick inReach satellite communicator message: Hello from Cotopaxi. We’re sipping coca tea in the Jose Rivas Hut (4855m/15,928ft) and resting before beginning our climb around midnight. Sounds like good living!  Godspeed team as you […]

Iliniza Norte (5126m/16,813ft)!

Acclimatization wrapped up today with a successful climb of Ecuador’s Iliniza Norte (5126m/16,813ft).  Next up is Cotopaxi and Chimborazo.  Here’s guide Terray Sylvester’s recap of the two-day climb of Iliniza Norte: Hello!  This is Terray calling in for the Madison Mountaineering Ecuador Volcanoes expedition on January 28th.  We are just about back to the parking […]

Acclimatizing on Corazón

On day three of our 12-day Ecuador Volcanoes expedition, the team continued their acclimatization by climbing the Corazón volcano (4790m/15,700ft).  Here’s expedition leader, Terray Sylvester with today’s audio dispatch: Hello, this is Terray calling in for the Madison Mountaineering Ecuador Volcanoes expedition.  We are back down at our hacienda in El Chaupi after successfully climbing […]

Ecuador Volcanoes Group Expedition Kicks-off

Our third Ecuador Volcanoes expedition of the season kicked-off today with all of the team arrived in Quito and already tackling their first acclimatization climb.  Here is expedition leader, Terray Sylvester with today’s dispatch: Hello, this is Terray calling in for the Madison Mountaineering Ecuador Volcanoes trip.  The whole team arrived safely and smoothly in […]

Mount Kenya’s Point Lenana! (4985m/16,355ft)

Today our Mount Kenya team ascended from the camp at Lake Michaelson to Mount Kenya’s third-highest peak, Point Lenana (4985m)!  One down, two to go!  They reached Point Lenana around 2:00 PM local time after hitting the trail at 08:30 AM.  Afterward, they descended to the high Austrian hut for dinner and the evening. An […]

Lake Ellis to Lake Michaelson

Day two of the trek to Mount Kenya and our team moved up from their camp on the shore of Lake Ellis (3460m) to Lake Michaelson (4100m).  The day’s trek was a beautiful walk along the ridge overlooking the Gorges Valley.  Later in the day, Lake Michelson came in to view and they enjoyed lunch […]

First day of trekking – Lake Ellis

This morning our Mount Kenya team lead by Garrett Madison trekked the 8.38km from the Meru Bandas trailhead on the Chogoria route up to their camp at Lake Ellis (3471m/11,388ft).  After breakfast, they packed up camp and hit trail around 8:00 AM local time enjoying spectacular views of the rolling hills along the way and […]

Lake Cuicocha – Wow!

Our Ecuador Volcanoes team continued their acclimatization today with a hike around Laguna Cuicocha just west of Otavalo.  They enjoyed some really good weather with some cooling clouds but no rain.  It was a nice, relaxing hike over six hours between 3000 and 3512 meters (over 11,500 ft. MSL).  The views of Laguna Cuicocha are […]

Fuya Fuya For Acclimatizing

Today our second Ecuador expedition (of four in a row), got going with the team making the drive up from Quito and starting out with their acclimatizing on the extinct volcanic peak, Fuya Fuya (~14,000 ft.) just south of the town of Otavalo.  Everyone is feeling good – healthy and strong! Tonight they will spend […]