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Summit — Top of Ojos del Salado!

The team reached the summit of Ojos del Salado this morning, the highest volcano in the world (#1 in the Volcanic Seven Summits), the second-highest mountain in South America (#2 in the Second Seven Summits), and Chile’s country high point (6893m/22,614ft)!  Congratulations team!  Great work. Here’s expedition leader, Garrett Madison with the happy news direct […]

Moving Day!

Today the Ojos del Salado team made the 105 mile (170km) drive along Maricunga salt flat then continuing across the high plateaus to reach Laguna Verde where they will camp for three days near a hot spring.  Next up is an acclimatization climb of Nevado San Francisco (6016m/19,738 ft)! In addition to these expedition dispatches, […]

Acclimatizing on Cerro Doña Inés

Today the team acclimatized by hiking Cerro Doña Inés.  Garrett Madison provides the details via satellite phone: Hello, this is Garrett calling in for the Ojos del Salado team in Chile – in the Atacama region.  We had a great day today!  We arrived yesterday, all together, in the Copiapó airport and drove out to […]

Ojos del Salado Kicks-Off!

Our team members prepare to board their flights to arrive in Santiago, Chile tomorrow to kick-off the Ojos del Salado expedition – the world’s highest active volcano and second only to Aconcagua as South America’s highest peak.  Expedition leader, Garrett Madison, has the details in this kick-off expedition dispatch.  Be sure to follow along for […]

Ama Dablam – Expedition Recap

With all of the team safely back in Kathmandu, our 2020 Ama Dablam expedition is concluding.  Thank you for following along.  The following team members successfully and safely obtained the summit of Ama Dablam (6812m / 22,349ft) on November 11, 2020, at approximately 11:30 AM NPT (local time): # Name Country 1 Mr. Garrett Madison […]

Summit Push – Camp 2

The Ama Dablam team have once again completed the crux of the route, The Yellow Tower, while making the move to Camp 2 (6000m) on their summit push.  Tonight is the night!  Within the next few hours, they will start the climb to the summit.  Godspeed team!  Here’s today’s audio dispatch courtesy of team member, […]

Summit Push – Camp 1

First day of the summit push, the Ama Dablam team made the move from base camp to Camp 1.  Courtesy of his Instagram feed, team member @moealthani provides the recap of the day in this expedition dispatch: Hi guys!  This is Moe Al Thani calling you from Camp 1 (5800m).  It’s freezing cold, I’m wearing […]

The Summit Push is On!

The summit push is on!  Garrett and the Ama Dablam team just left base camp moments ago heading for Camp 1.  You can follow their progress on this real-time map:  https://madisonmountaineering.com/maps/ama-dablam-2020/.  Here’s Garrett’s message as they were leaving base camp this morning: Well, it’s November 9th and we are off this morning on our Summit […]