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Last bridge into Lukla!

Last bridge into Lukla! The team finished the trek in great shape and good spirits. Yesterday we headed down from the mountains and ran into our first real weather of the trip. Starting out as rain and then light to moderate snow as we arrived back in Namche. The mist and cloud made for beautiful scenery […]

Lama comes to Everest Base Camp for Puja Ceremony!

Today we said goodbye to the trekkers and prepared for the Puja Ceremony. A Lama came into our base camp and was assisted by sherpa to bless our team and equipment for safe passage to the top of Mt. Everest. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the ceremony! Through the afternoon the weather slowly […]

Wonderful time together at Everest Base Camp!

The 2016 Mount Everest trekkers had a wonderful time together at base camp! After our James Bond movie night everyone made their way back to their tents and got a good night sleep at 17,000ft. Throughout the night we could hear the cracks of the ice around us as the glaciers moved. What an adventure!! Getting […]

Climbers prepare for Everest 2016!

Madison Mountaineering climbers around the world are gearing up for Everest 2016! In a few short weeks we will converge in Kathmandu, Nepal and begin the journey to Mount Everest, known by the locals as Sagarmāthā. Mount Everest is Earth’s highest mountain at 8,848m (29,035ft) above sea level. Here in Seattle,WA our team is actively preparing mountaineering gear, […]

Complete success for climbing team on Aconcagua!

I am very proud to say that the Madison Mountaineering climbing team on Aconcagua had complete success!  All team members stood on the highest point of the Western & Southern Hemispheres together on January 22nd. Congratulations to the following climbers: -Audrey Cadwallader -Linda Wohlegemuth -Walt Harris -Ginna Kelly -Peter Horsman -Bernd Horsman -Wenny Sanchez As many […]

Successful summit of Cayambe Volcano!

Jeff, José, and I have made a safe and successful ascent of Cayambe volcano! After we finished our acclimatization hikes near Quito we departed for Cayambe hut at an elevation of 15,250 feet. After a hour of driving from Hacienda Guachala we took our expedition vehicle across rocky and steep terrain toward Cayambe. The hut was […]

Team summited Pichincha!

Yesterday Jeff, José, and I summited Pichincha in record time and enjoyed panoramic views of Cayambe, Cotopaxi (active), and many other notorious mountains across Ecuador. Once we reached the summit at 15,700 feet we had lunch and continued to acclimate as we prepare for the journey to Cayambe hut today. After our climb we checked […]