100% Summit Success on Mount Vinson!

Photo pulled from the Madison Mountaineering archive (Photo by Ted Hesser)

It’s with great excitement to share that 100% of the Madison Mountaineering Mount Vinson expedition team has safely and successfully reached the summit of Antarctica’s highest peak and returned to their High Camp! The team experienced a steady wind throughout the day while climbing the ridge toward the summit, but having practiced cold weather self-care, the team put those skills to use so they could enjoy the climb. Congratulations to the entire team on an incredible feat in Antarctica! The entire team checks in with this celebratory dispatch from their High Camp after a successful ascent of Mount Vinson:

Hello! This is Garrett at High Camp (3536m/11,600ft) on Mount Vinson (4892m/16,050ft) with the team. We are just back from the summit! We are extremely happy, just finished some macaroni & cheese, burgers, and veggies, and we’re going to say a few words to talk about our climb today.

(Garbled) from Mexico, coming down from the highest point in Antarctica! It’s another planet here. (Speaks Spanish).

Thais Herrera, (speaks Spanish).

Malu from Mexico! So happy to be here with this team and so grateful for the summit with it.

Hi everyone! This is Juan Francisco from Ecuador. I am so excited that we were able to summit! It was 100% success, we were all able to summit! It’s such a privilege to be in this beautiful group and to have this experience. By the way, (garbled).

Hi, this is Kat Gilson from Minnesota. Super stoked that we all got up there safely and no injuries. We had a beautiful summit, (garbled). It’s awesome to climb with all of these people!

Ahoy! (Speaks foreign language).

Hey! Josh Garrison here. This is my third of the seven summits with Garrett here, pretty cool! We’re just trying to keep the mission up in front of us of raising awareness for the (garbled). Wonderful summit but keep those guys in your hearts and in your prayers. See you on top next time!

Hello, everyone! This is Benny. We made the top today, it was awesome! We’re all here in the kitchen tent. We’re all super psyched, everyone’s happy, smiling, and healthy and thinking of our friends and family back home. Over and out!

In addition to these expedition dispatches, you can also follow our teams as they make their attempts on the world’s most formidable mountains on:

Amazon Alexa devices with the Madison Mountaineering Flash Briefing skill:

  • Enable the skill and add to your flash briefing to hear our daily audio expedition updates on select expeditions.  Just say, “Alexa, play my flash briefing.


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