Update on Personnel

All of our surviving Everest 2015 personnel are doing well. Here is an update on their current locations:

At Everest Camp 2:

  • Alan Arnette
  • Andrea Cordona
  • Ankur Bahl
  • Haley Ercanbrack
  • Joe Ashkar
  • Karl Nesseler
  • Koei Kasamatsu
  • Louis Carstens
  • Masayuki Hatakeyama
  • Rosier Alexandre
  • Vibeke Andrea Sefland
  • Billy Nugent
  • Conan Bliss
  • Fred Alldredge
  • Garrett Madison

At Gorak Shep:

  • Davi Souto Saraiva
  • Ronald Nissen
  • Michael Churton
  • Randall Ercanbrack
14 replies
  1. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    Thank you for posting this, what does that mean for the 4 at Gorak Shep? Are they hiking up to base camp or waiting on a helicopter too?

  2. Margaret Wenzel
    Margaret Wenzel says:

    Thank you for the updates. Know that all your friends and families are keeping up with the news and are wishing you a safe return home. Prayers, good wishes for all, esp. my cousin Billy who is on your team.

  3. Bryan Satero
    Bryan Satero says:

    Aloha Pal!!!

    Hang tough like I know you are!! Hustle home safely……Toulouse Sazerac’s and BBQ Shrimp and Grits on me when you get back. Hoping that warms you up and puts a smile on our face! Super sorry to hear about Eve….special woman for sure!!!

    Take care and Godspeed!!!

  4. Barbara Lynn Bloemsma
    Barbara Lynn Bloemsma says:

    Hundreds of my friends from all over, and I are praying for you Billy. We are praying for all of you- for every person affected by this catastrophie. Please feel the Love and support being sent to you with all our hearts~
    Love from Babs

  5. Sharle Dille
    Sharle Dille says:

    Thank you — Thanks to God too! Haley .. we are praying especially hard for you, your dad and group that all will remain safe getting off the Mountain! And prayers for the the people of Nepal.

  6. Wendy Broadwater
    Wendy Broadwater says:

    Thank you so much for update! Send Fred my love and know that all of us here in Salt Lake City are thinking of you and your safe return, along with your teammates! Our deepest condolences for all who lost their lives in this tragedy.

  7. Kim Potts
    Kim Potts says:

    Thank you for the update. Was very concerned about Joe Ashkar and the team. Glad to hear all are doing well.


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