Team Hopeful for Helicopter Evac

Transcript of Garrett’s audio dispatch via sat phone:

Hi, this is Garrett Madison calling in from Camp 2 on Mount Everest here with the guiding team. It’s been a rough 24 hours for us. Yesterday as many of you know there was an earthquake in Nepal and it shook up the Western Cwm pretty badly while we were climbing. We managed to make it to Camp 2. And at that point we got on the radio to base camp and learned that our base camp had been devastated and that one of our members, our beloved doctor Eve Girawong was in critical condition. Over the next few hours we learned that she had passed away and it was very hard on all of us.

We have been up here at Camp 2 hanging tough but we are running low on food and fuel and we have to get down. There’s no path or route through the Khumbu icefall at this point in time. The teams that have tried to make their way through the icefall today were unsuccessful and will not be attempting again in the future. So at this point our only option to get down is by helicopter evacuation.

Our plan is to descend tomorrow to Camp 1 and hopefully with good weather fly to base camp to reconnect with the other members of our expedition who survived the avalanche at Everest base camp.

Again our hearts go out to the family of Eve Girawong. She is loved by all of us in base camp and a great addition to our team and helped us tremendously. She will be missed greatly. We are very sorry for her loss.

Thank you. I will check in soon.

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  1. Santu Sarkar
    Santu Sarkar says:

    Whole world pray for the quake victims. Heros never give up. Better luck next time. Wishing you all for safe evacuation. Eve’s soul reamin peace heaven. Feeling deep sorrows for her family and your team also.

  2. Amy
    Amy says:

    Our deepest condolences to your team. We are sending love, light and lots of prayers to each of you. Hope the weather holds so you can get off safely.

  3. Graham Fleet
    Graham Fleet says:

    I am living in Kristiansand Norway where Vibeke comes from. I have been following her climbs as I was once an instructor and Unit Medic at the British Outward Bound Centre nearby.
    Glad to hear that most of your team are safe. Condolences on the loss of your base camp Dr.
    Best wishes for a safe evacuation meantime stay safe.

  4. Marcelo
    Marcelo says:

    Garret and team

    I am constantly praying and thinking about you and the fellow climbers and friends from Nepal. You will do very well. You are a great team. Stay strong my friend. See you soon.

  5. Rick Sylvester
    Rick Sylvester says:


    My best regards to you and the group. Please pass them along to those I know — Kame, Alan, ? And my condolences re. Eve. When first I heard about a woman doctor in your group I thought it might have been the one who did triage at EBC last year and was to join us at K2 but for Pakistani visa problems. Two years in a row now with severe act of nature troubles which have directly affected you. It must seem like it’s getting old.

  6. Naresh Kantoor
    Naresh Kantoor says:

    Hi Garrette,
    Just heard your audio dispatch. I am from the Gurgaon town where my friend and your fellow climber Ankur Behl lives. Our best wishes to you and your team while we pray for team’s safe return. Be brave and hold on.

    Condolences on the loss of Dr. Eve.

  7. Julie Weaver
    Julie Weaver says:

    Our family is sending so much love and we’re so relieved to know that our friends are safe. Our hearts our saddened for the loss of those whose lives we’re taken in such a tragic and unfortunate manner. All involved in this expedition have shown such a tremendous amount of courage and strength and we hope you can move forward knowing you gave it your all. We admire you all for the dedication, time and talent it took to accomplish so much. Much love to you and all the people of Napal and elsewhere whose lives will forever be changed.


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