The Madison Mountaineering climbing team had a safe descent to Lukla airport by helicopter yesterday afternoon. Our climbing team decided to take a helicopter back to Lukla instead of the long trek down on foot. Everyone is in good condition and ready to relax and reflect on this exploratory expedition once back home. The climbing team will be picked up by plane and flown back to Kathmandu where the journey began. We will have a final dispatch written by Garrett Madison that reflects on this expedition of a lifetime in the near future.

If you have a few minutes, check out this article by CNN that discusses the physical attributes that make Sherpas superhuman mountaineers. An integral part of our high altitude expeditions is the assistance from our Sherpa family. Many thanks and continued companionship!


Photos below were taken by Sid Pattison and Garrett Madison, enjoy!


Sunset on Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse from our Camp 2. Photo by Sid Pattison.



Throwing duffels on the helicopter pad before heading back to Lukla. Photo by Sid Pattison.



Sorting gear at advanced base camp. Photo by Sid Pattison.



Sid Pattison on the descent! Photo by Garrett Madison.



Sid Pattison enjoying the view of a lifetime! Photo by Garrett Madison



Looking across from Camp 2. Photo by Sid Pattison.



Keeping it safe with fixed lines. Photo by Sid Pattison.



Helicopter arriving at Camp 1. Photo by Sid Pattison.



Hanging out with our sherpas at our high point, the corniced snow ridge just below the summit. Photo by Sid Pattison.



Base Camp with prayer flags. Photo by Sid Pattison.




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