A white Christmas on Mount Vinson!

Photo pulled from the Madison Mountaineering archive (Photo by Terray Sylvester)

The Madison Mountaineering Mount Vinson expedition team celebrated Christmas today with a good meal, friends, and in one spectacular place! While friends and family are missed, we are grateful for this time spent together as a team sharing memories we won’t soon forget. The team is settled into their base camp and will return to Union Glacier Camp soon, followed shortly after by making the return trips home, marking the conclusion of our first Mount Vinson expedition of the season. The Mount Vinson expedition team checks in with this celebratory dispatch from Antarctica:

Hello! This is Garrett calling in from Mount Vinson Base Camp (2140m/7,020ft). Merry Christmas! We’re all here just having a great meal and celebrating our climb of Mount Vinson (4892m/16,050ft)!

“Yeah, it was a good outing on the mountain – oh, I’m Benny (Lieber)!  We’re here with Sanjeev, Art, Kevin, and Garrett, and we had great weather. We’re having a big Christmas dinner and wanted to say “hello” to all of our families and friends, love you, and we are enjoying the holiday!” ~ Madison Mountaineering guide, Benny Lieber

“Hey, everybody – Kevin here! Thrilled to be on the adventure, the double header with Art. (Ski) the last degree went well, and now here we are doing post Vinson summit celebration! Benny and Garrett could not have looked after us better. Miss everybody, wish we could have been home for Christmas as well, but we’ll see you soon enough. Lots of love, all the best.” ~ Madison Mountaineering climber, Kevin Walsh

“Hi! It’s Art Muir and it’s a wonderful way to spend Christmas. I miss my family, but I couldn’t think of a better way to (garbled) great adventure, great success, a 5-star operation run by Garrett Madison of course. We’ve had a wonderful time here, so hopefully everybody comes to visit Antarctica, which Garrett says is “a magical place.” ~ Madison Mountaineering climber, Art Muir

“Hi, Sanjeev here! We’ve just had this out of this world experience. It felt like we were on a different planet! Thank you so much Garrett, Benny, and two great friends I’ve made, Art and Kevin. (garbled)” ~ Madison Mountaineering climber, Sanjeev Banga

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  1. Jill Hughes Day
    Jill Hughes Day says:

    Belated merry Christmas to you all. There is truly magic in Antarctica….a small distance from the North Pole,but the small incredible MAGIC. Happy adventurous New Years.
    Cheers. Andrew Hughes mother!


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