Windy at Camp 2

Close up of Everest and Lhotse from Gokyo Ri

It’s been windy at Camp 2 but the Everest team is doing well, having fun, and hopeful that the conditions will improve by tomorrow.  Expedition leader, Garrett Madison, called in this dispatch by satellite phone:

Hello, this is Garrett calling in.  We are up here at Camp 2!  All’s well.  It’s been a windy day.  The winds picked up around 2am last night and they have continued pretty consistently through out the day and it’s still pretty breezy.  So we spent the day fortifying our camp making sure that your tents are in good condition.  We’ve been enjoying a few good meals and good conversation and making the best of it.  It’s good training for the South Col on a windy day.  So we are having fun up here and after the winds die down there might be a little snow in the forecast, so we’ll wait to see if that materializes.  Tomorrow we will try to go for a hike up the Lhotse face, if the weather permits.  All’s well here and we’ll check in soon.  Thanks!

(photo:  from the Madison Mountaineering archives)

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