Winds dying down

The team reports in from Everest Camp 2 with this dispatch:

Hello this is Garrett calling in for the Mount Everest climbing team.  Today is May 4th and we are up at Camp 2.  It was a great day today.  The winds died down a bit, it snowed a litte, but the Sun came out – which is nice.  We took a walk up towards the Lhotse face in our down suits and back.  Tomorrow our plan is to head back up the Lhotse face [garbled] perhaps to Camp 3, if the weather permits.  Then the following day we’re going to head to base camp.  Everybody’s doing great up here at Camp 2, just enjoying the beautiful scenery and looking forward to a [garbled] today tomorrow.  Thanks for checking in!

(photo:  Madison Mountaineering archives)

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