Staying fit and motivated at Base Camp

EBC from the icefall

Our Everest team is staying fit and motivated at base camp before the start of the second rotation.  Expedition leader, Garrett Madison, calls in today’s update:

Hello, this is Garrett calling in for the Mount Everest team.  Today we had a great day in Everest base camp.  We went out and trained on the Khumbu glacier here next to base camp.  We practiced climbing steep ice and then descending steep ice in preparation for our next rotation up the mountain where we are going to climb on the Lhotse face.  So, after a few hours of training, we came back and had lunch and a restful afternoon.  And we just finished up dinner and a movie.  Tonight we watched “First Man” about Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon.  Our plan is to go for a hike tomorrow to keep our fitness up.  All’s well here in Everest base camp.  Thanks for checking in!

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