Day hike to Gorak Shep

Above camp 1

While the team did a day hike to Gorak Shep and back, Garrett and other team leaders met to discuss the status of the route rope fixing project.  Garrett Madison reports:

Hello, this is Garrett calling in for the Mount Everest team.  Today we had a restfull day in base camp.  The team when for a hike to Gorak Shep and back.  They got to pick up some extra snacks in Gorak Shep for base camp.  Beautiful day here in base camp; everything’s going really well.  We had a meeting about the rope fixing with some of the other teams and gave an update on the status, where the project is at right now, and the expected date of completion – weather pending.  Tomorrow we are going to do a little more training here in base camp.  So, everything’s good and we will check in soon.  Thanks!

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