South Pole Expedition Ski Team – 26 nautical miles to go!

Hi, this is Garrett calling in for the South Pole Expedition Ski Team. Today is Sunday, January 8th and we are currently at 89.34 degrees and we have another 26 nautical miles to the South Pole. Had a great day, little colder today light winds about 10-15knotts. Probably about 1o degrees colder than yesterday, we had to dress a little warmer. The team did great and we covered good distance today and now we are in camp just had dinner all tucked in ready for bed. Probably got another 4, maybe 5 days ahead of us until we reach the pole we are targeting the 12th of January. Perhaps  the 11th if we make good time. Everyone is doing well and we are enjoying sunny skies and decent temperatures here in the tent. We will check in soon.


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