Hi, this is Garrett Madison calling in for the Antarctica, Mt. Vinson team. Today is Sunday, January 15th and today we flew from Union Glacier Camp to Mt. Vinson base camp. And then began our climb up Mt. Vinson to low camp, which is at 10,000ft. We had a great day, very lucky to fly out of Union Glacier Camp arrived at Vinson base camp mid-day and then roped up and carried our packs and sleds up to low camp. Took us about six hours to get here. Had beautiful conditions, sunny skies and a few clouds to keep us cool. Everyone is doing really well up here and we just had a big dinner and are tucking into bed. Looking forward to a great day tomorrow we are going to try to climb up to high camp tomorrow as long as the weather holds. All is well here on Vinson, we are doing well and we will check in tomorrow.




Follow along with our friends at Polar Explorers for exciting news and photos as our team climbs Mt. Vinson! Stay tuned!!

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