Heading to Camp 3 tomorrow

Everest Camp 2

The Everest team is heading to Camp 3 tomorrow to start the summit attempt.  The weather forecast is looking favorable.  Here’s expedition leader, Garrett Madison’s, update via sat phone:

Hello, this is Garrett calling in for the Everest team.  Today is Sunday, May 19th and we had a nice rest day at Camp 2 as we have been watching the weather carefully and determining which day we want to move up for our summit attempt.  Our plan is to move up tomorrow, May 20th, to Camp 3.  Everybody’s doing great here, all packed and ready to head up from Camp 2 on the Lhotse face up to Camp 3.  And it looks like the weather forecast is playing out into our favor – it looks like good weather for the next four or five days.  So fingers crossed that the forecast holds true.  All’s well here at Advanced Base Camp, Camp 2 on Mount Everest.  Thanks for checking in!

(photo:  Madison Mountaineering archives from earlier this season)

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