The season’s snowfall on the upper slopes of K2 has won out, and unfortunately, the summit will have to wait for another year.  Today the team made the prudent decision to abort the summit push.  While one team member and his climbing Sherpa partner ascended to Camp 4 to spend the night, the remainder of the team descend from Camp 3 and are doing well in base camp.  We expect everyone to be in base camp tomorrow.  Here’s Garrett’s update:

Hello, this is Garrett calling in for the K2 climbing expedition.  We made a great attempt on K2 and unfortunately the snow conditions were just too unstable, too deep, and the avalanche risk too high for us to climb up past Camp 4 into the Bottleneck and the Traverse area.  Magnificent job by all pulling together as a team and working hard and in position for a summit, but The Mountain said no this time.  So, we’ve respected the mountain and we’ve come down to base camp.  All’s well here, and we’ll check in soon.

Descending the fixed ropes after we made the decision to turn around

Descending the fixed ropes after we made the decision to turn around

Descending the Cesen route on K2

Descending the Cesen route on K2

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  • Kerry Richter says:

    I’m sad for you all and know you are proud but disappointed. I’m glad you made the decision that will bring you all home safely!

  • Red says:

    I’m sure it was a tough decision. Congratulations!! I wish everyone a safe journey home.

  • Bev says:

    You all were soo close, and had come so far. Seems like a 99% successful expedition. Congratulations! May you have safe travels home to those warm beds.

  • Cheryl Pacanowski says:

    Brilliant decision! Marvelous photos! Great storytelling!

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