Scott Webster


Scott is a professional mountain guide and instructor based in the Highlands of Scotland. He holds the WMCI (the highest qualification for teaching climbing and mountaineering in the UK) and is an IPGA certified International Polar Guide.

Scott has worked in the Antarctic since 2011 and has spent 10 summer seasons as well as two winters guiding there. Scott worked for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) for 6 years as a Field Guide and has been responsible for safety and logistics on numerous high-profile scientific expeditions.  Additionally, Scott is the author of the BAS' Field Operations Manual.  In 2017 Scott joined the team at Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE) where he has guided Mount Vinson (5 ascents), Ski Last Degree to the South Pole, Mount Sidley, Mount Shinn, and a variety of other logistical projects.

Scott also works in the Arctic and has led 8 expeditions in East Greenland. These have included skiing, mountaineering, and trekking trips to a variety of areas including the Stauning Alps, Liverpool Land, and Ammassilik Island.

Outwith the Polar Regions, other expeditions have taken Scott to Alaska, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, The Caucasus Mountains, and throughout the European Alps.


  • Summer & Winter Mountaineering & Climbing Instructor (WMCI)
  • IPGA Certified International Polar Guide
  • WMA Wilderness First Responder
  • AAA AvRec2 & Avalanche Rescue Certification

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