Caleb Burns


Caleb Burns is originally a Southern Oregon native.  Growing up outdoors instilled a natural love of adventure and exploration.  He traveled much of the West Coast with his father at a young age and found a love of the mountains.  After college, Caleb continued to travel much of the country and has spent time in most states West of the Mississippi.  After meeting his now-wife they decided that Southern Oregon offered outdoor access that was hard to match.  They are now raising their daughter in Southern Oregon and can often be found hiking, kayaking, camping, skiing, or relaxing at the beach.  Caleb is an active member of Search and Rescue and mainly works in the Cascades, Mexico, and the Sierras.  One of his most memorable climbs is assisting NASA and National Geographic on an expedition to explore the fumarole caves at the top of Mt. Rainier for information gathering on the MARS rover project.  He has a love of helping people get outside and encouraging them to pursue their goals but also helping to enjoy the beauty of the areas they travel in.  Outside of guiding, Caleb most enjoys spending time with his family.

Significant Ascents


  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Adult/Child CPR, AED
  • Avalanche Pro 1
  • Avalanche Rescue
  • Leave No Trace