Hannah Smith


Hannah grew up in the cold winters and buggy summers of Minnesota. After completing college at the University of Iowa, she made her way out to WA to work at Whittaker Mountaineering for the summer. There she learned all about climbing glaciated mountains. After realizing retail was no fun but walking uphill wasn't so bad, she went to guide tryouts and started guiding in 2015. Hannah spends her summers guiding on Rainier and in the north cascades along with an expedition each June to Denali. You can find her chatting her way up the Muir snowfield talking about all the wonderful foods associated with each place she guides. Because what is the point to climbing if it's not to eat yummy food with good people in high places. The fall is spent visiting friends and family especially her niece and nephew back in MN. Each winter she heads down to Argentina to work on Aconcagua and has also begun working in Ecuador and Nepal. Hannah aspires to do more guiding in Nepal and get to higher peaks.

50+ summits of Rainier
6 Expeditions (3 summits) Denali
6 Expeditions (6 summits) Aconcagua
10+ summits Baker
10+ summits Whitney
Summit of Orizaba
Summit of Cayambe
Summit of Cotopaxi
Summit of Chimborazo
Summit of Lobuche
Summits of Adams, Hood, and Shasta
Summits of Forbidden, Stuart, and Shuksan


AMGA Alpine Skills Course
AMGA Alpine Guide Course
Leave No Trace Trainer