Smooth Climbing on Aconcagua!

Tomahawks for dinner at Aconcagua Base Camp!

The team has successfully made their first carry up to Camp 1 to cache some of their load, in preparation for the move up to Camp 1 to follow! Making multiple carries between camps not only lightens the load each member has to carry between camps, but also helps in the acclimatization process as they ascend the tallest mountain in South America. Expedition leader, Garrett Madison, checks in with this dispatch from Plaza de Mulas:

Hello! This is Garrett calling in for the Madison Mountaineering Aconcagua (6961m/22,837ft) expedition. Today we did a carry up to Camp 1 (5060m/16,600ft), brought a load of gear up there and cached it. It was a beautiful day, great views all around, the team did awesome! We came back down, and had a restful afternoon and then dinner here in base camp (4367m/14,327ft), and now we’re off to bed.

Our plan tomorrow is to have breakfast and then move up to Camp 1, set up camp, sleep there, and then the next day, move up to Camp 2 (5522m/18,117ft) for a couple of nights. Check the weather, hopefully we’ll have a summit weather window sometime around February third or fourth!

Everyone is doing well! We’re enjoying Aconcagua, having a great time here in Argentina! It’s great to be here with so many good friends – old friends, some new friends and really great times here in Argentina!

In addition to these expedition dispatches, you can also follow our teams as they make their attempts on the world’s most formidable mountains on:

Amazon Alexa devices with the Madison Mountaineering Flash Briefing skill:

  • Enable the skill and add to your flash briefing to hear our daily audio expedition updates on select expeditions.  Just say, “Alexa, play my flash briefing.


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