Settling into Everest Base Camp


Everyone has been enjoying the past two days settling into day-to-day life at EBC. Here is the entire team (minus two climbing Sherpa) assembled in our camp. Orders of the day have been sorting out gear, getting ready for ice training, making our tents organized for the many weeks we will live here, and just enjoying the many comforts provided by our excellent staff, including hot showers and incredibly delicious meals.

The team visited the Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) clinic today to meet the doctors and check out the facilities. We are fortunate to have a membership with the HRA for all of our guides, climbers, staff, and base camp crew.  Highly valuable in the event we would need to make use of their services. HRA is a tremendous asset here at EBC.

Yesterday we enjoyed beautiful morning conditions, like today.  We were able to fine-tune our solar power system and our satellite internet access.  Both of which are now working excellently and providing plenty of power and access to our climbers and staff. These resources will allow us to stay in touch and stay entertained with high fidelity.

Our plans for movement up the mountain are starting to firm up.  We are looking forward to training here in base camp and to our all-important Puja ceremony to bless safe travel on the mountain later this week.

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