Safari Day 1:  Tarangire

This morning we left our climbing gear behind and loaded into two fully custom pop-top Land Crusiers and headed 60 miles southwest of Arusha to the Tarangire National Park for a day of viewing the big game animals.  Immediately after passing through the park gates, we were greeted by a herd of elephants.  And if you can believe it, from there it just got better and better!  Zebras!  Wildebeasts!  Giraffes!  Oh my!  It is everything you imagine Tanzania and Africa to be.

At midday when we arrived at our picnic spot located on a high bluff, we were treated with a view of the Tarangire River and plain below that was as beautiful as any painting.  It was impossible not to take an amazing photo.  Many animals were gathered along the gentle flow of the river creating an everlasting image.
After lunch we drove on and caught a long distance look at our first lions, resting in the shade of two Acacia trees.  Hopefully more to come!

We have now arrived at the stunning Endore Lodge, our home for the evening before heading on to the Serengeti tomorrow morning.  Wonderful accommodations and fantastic food have created the perfect end to our first day of safari! 



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