The main group of climbers took a rest day at base camp and are getting psyched for summit push coming up soon.  Garrett provides the details:

Hello, this is Garrett calling in for the K2 climbing expedtion team.  Today is July 11th and we had a rest day today in base camp.  Everyone’s doing well here.  We resurfaced some tent platforms on the glacier and a few of our members, Victor, Rick, and Louis are still up at Camp 2 – coming down later today.  And our Sherpas are pushing up to Camp 4 and heading back to Camp 3 this evening.  So, all’s well here on K2!

Resurfacing tent platforms in base camp

Resurfacing tent platforms in base camp

View of K2 from base camp

View of K2 from base camp

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  • The Richter Family says:

    We can feel your excitement all the way back in WA state! You’ve been preparing and you’re ready. Go now and tackle your goal. The weather and mountains are gorgeous. Thinking of the whole team, but especially Rick.

  • Steiding Family says:

    We feel the same way! We really like the pictures and knowing the activities day to day. Our Granddaughter, Maddie like seeing pictures of Uncle Rick and the mountains.

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