Kilimanjaro Climb Day 3

We left Shira Camp and traversed the mountain, working our way up to the base of “lava tower” at approximately 14,800 ft. Some of us made a quick ascent of the lava tower, a fun scramble up with great views from the top, then descended down to Barranco Camp. From our camp we have a great view of the Great Barranco wall, our challenge for tomorrow morning!
Stats for day 3
Start: Shira Camp, 12,355’
Finish: Barranco Camp, 13,066’
Distance Traveled: 6 miles

Night time view from our camp

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  1. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    OMG how magical the night sky is at your camp! Phenomenal photos and progress stats. Team must be proud! Go get em on your Great Barranco Wall challenge! Your dispatch posts and photos are incredibly descriptive and informative. Big smiles and keep up the Energy and Momentum. Enjoy,


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