Hello, this is Garrett Madison calling in with the Antarctica South Pole expedition ski team. Today is Tuesday, January 10th and we are at 89.52 degrees 36 seconds. So we’ve got about seven and three quarter nautical miles left to go to the South Pole. We are hoping to get there tomorrow, we can actually see some of the buildings the U.S. have as the research station at the South Pole from our camp here tonight. Everybody is doing great we had an easier day today, not quite as windy and not quite as cold, probably about -25 to -30. And we just had dinner and we are all tucked in for bed, looking forward to arriving at the pole tomorrow and having a little celebration. And then they will give us a tour of the U.S. science station. All is well here in Antarctica and we will check in soon.


Follow along with our friends at Polar Explorers for exciting news and photos as our team reaches the South Pole! Stay tuned!!



Antarctica South Pole

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