Two teams on Mount Vinson!

Garret Madison, expedition leader, reports the exciting progress of our Mount Vinson expedition teams in Antarctica:

Hi, this is Garrett checking in for the Madison Mountaineering Mount Vinson expedition number three.  Jimmy, Fon and myself were planning to leave Union Glacier today and head to Vinson Base Camp, but Jimmy is still at the South Pole and had decided to head directly back to the U.S. as soon as he can because of the flight delay.  Myself and Fon have gone to Vinson Base Camp and are going to try to catch up with Conan, Linda, Shawn and Paul in the next couple of days.  All’s good here on Mount Vinson!


A very big congratulations to Jimmy for skiing to the South Pole and reaching 90° South!  (We wish him a) safe trip back to North America and his familiy in Texas.


We look forward to some great weather here on Mount Vinson!  We will check in soon.  Thanks!


Guide Conan Bliss’ team two (Shawn, Paul, Linda) transmission from Low Camp was, unfortunately garbled.  This happens from time to time with satellite phones.

(photo:  Madison Mountaineering archive)

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