Cacho Beiza


Cacho Beiza grew up in the foothill of the Andes and very early-on was into outdoor sports as a trail-runner, kayaker, swimmer, and mountain biker. His passion for sports drove him to a college degree to become a teacher of Physical Education at the Instituto de Educación Física.  He has a great passion for educating children with outdoor sport and to commune with nature.  Simultaneously he earned degrees in High Mountain Guiding at EPGAMT and Teacher of Climbing at IEF.

Living just 80 miles from Aconcagua, soon he started climbing and guiding on the mountain, one of the world’s Seven Summits.  To date, he has made 52 summits by different routes and more than a few in a fast-climbing style in just 8 hours.  Traveling, climbing and guiding all over South America has taken him to Patagonia Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador – climbing the main peaks of each country.  He has also climbed in the European Alps, doing a lot of rock and ice climbing on the main peaks.  His passion for sports pushed him to race many long distances races.

A few years ago, he brought his professionalism to his hometown to establish his own company, Argentina Vertical, with his own crew which provides services in the oil industry, as well as, Vertical Rescue and teaching groups in Rope Access and Vertical Rescue.  So when he is not in the mountains, it’s possible to find him hanging from any of the main skyscrapers in Mendoza!

Certifications and Training

Physical Education Teacher
Climbing Instructor IEF
Trekking Guide EPGAMT
High Mountain Guide EPGAMT
Wilderness First Responder WFR
Rope Acces Training Level II AATTVAC
Rope Rescue Training Argentina Vertical

Significant Ascents

Mount Everest
Aconcagua (52+ summits)
Patagonia Argentina: Climbing and Ice Caps traverse
Europe: Mont Blanc, Materhorn and others
Ecuador: Cotopaxi, Chimborazo and others
Perú: Huascaran, Alpamayo, Artesonraju and others
Bolivia: Sajama, Ilimani, Huayna Potosi and others
Argentina: Several 5000 and 6000 meter peaks