K2 team back in Base Camp

K2 Base Camp

Today we woke up at 5:30 AM at Camp 2 on the Abruzzi Ridge and descended all the way to our K2 Base Camp. We rappelled most of the route as we made our way down over steep rock, ice, and snow sections of the route, including the notable House’s Chimney. The weather has been fantastic the last few days, with little to no wind, a clear sky, and warmth during the daytime.

Our team is all back in K2 Base Camp now, after having a great dinner and looking forward to some rest over the next few days.

Our Sherpa team is hard at work, they are back up at Camp 2 and are working to fix the route from Camp 3 to Camp 4, then carrying equipment such as oxygen, tents, and ropes to Camp 4. They are an amazing cadre of the finest & hardest working Sherpas I have ever known.

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  1. Nicholas
    Nicholas says:

    Good luck to you all and may the conditions be favourable for ascending the summit!
    Its so comforting to know that your sherpa are the best and mostly that you secured your own non Corean ropes!
    Following you on every step via these updates here!
    Thank you so much for updating us while my mind is always returning to the ultimate adventure that you are experiencing.
    May the universe keep you all safe!
    Yours truly


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