Gokyo to Burke Khang Base Camp

The Madison Mountaineering expedition has safely trekked from Gokyo to our base camp near the 5th lake. Bud Allen of our climbing team elected to take a helicopter down to Lukla, as he was a little under the weather. One of our Trekkers (Jenna) went with his helicopter. It is hard that a team member returned home, but for the best as we did not want Bud’s cold to worsen and further risk his well being. Our prayers are with Bud for a quick recovery.
As the team arrived at the 5th lake and set up base camp it continued to snow.  In the festive spirit, the team gathered together for a high altitude Halloween celebration! Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of these entertaining costumes, Captain America continues to bring high spirits to the team. It has been snowing and we are preparing our gear for the first ascent. It is harder to send digital content out and we will most likely begin to post audio dispatches. As the team begins the first ascent of Burke Khang, the most up to date news will be coming out right here on our dispatch page!
Team yoga in the lodge:
Helicopter arrival into Gokyo:
BK 4
Map of the team’s current location. Burke Khang is in the very middle.
Team photo at Gokyo before our trek to base camp:
Team members departing:
Foggy morning in Gokyo before our trek to base camp:
Burke Khang 2015 Base Camp:
Burke Khang 2015 Base Camp:
Burke Khang 2015 Base Camp:
Halloween at Burke Khang!
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