First glimpse of K2!

Our trek today began with a leisurely breakfast at 7 AM of fried eggs, bacon, bread, and porridge, along with our french press and espresso coffee, a great way to begin any day on an expedition! The weather continued to hold clear as we hiked along the Baltoro glacier to the famous Concordia camp, where the glacier splits. Here we have a nice view of K2! Tomorrow we plan to arrive in our base camp.

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  1. Abdul Rehman
    Abdul Rehman says:

    I love Concordia, Nostalgia prevails, I remember the same place some 20 years ago when I was there…. Be Safe Garrett and come home with another prize of the climb……

    If you are able to take moon bearing pics of K-2 would be awesome to share…

    again be safe as you are in one of the harshest environment on the planet….

    • Abdul Rehman
      Abdul Rehman says:

      Baltoro glacier is one of the largest glacier on earth apart from both the poles and it is a massive frozen water source…


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