Everest 2015 Recap

Last night we had our final team dinner at a nice restaurant in Kathmandu, where we began our expedition just over one month ago. Although this season on Everest was marked by tragedy, it felt good to be together and enjoy a nice meal among friends back from the mountain. Yesterday I went to the Ministry of Tourism to sign off on the expedition paperwork, and received notice that the SPCC had officially cancelled any plans to re fix the route from base camp through the Khumbu Icefall to Camp 1. We understand all teams have abandoned their climbs, both on the North and South sides of Everest, as the mountain is “closed” on both sides, by the Chinese and Nepalese governments respectively.

All of our climbers are now either on their way home or planning to leave Kathmandu in the next day or two. The damage caused to the city of Kathmandu by the earthquake is evident, but things seem very much back to normal, although the city is quiet and many businesses are still closed.

Our expedition had been going perfectly up until the earthquake occurred on April 25th. We had trekked to base camp, reviewed technical climbing skills for a full week in the lower Khumbu glacier, and had almost reached Camp 2 on our first acclimatization ‘rotation’ when the mountain shook. Those of us up high on the mountain were lucky, those in base camp were not. Our hearts go out to the family of our wonderful base camp doctor, Eve Girawong, and the others who perished at Everest Base Camp as a result of the earthquake. The overall loss of life in Nepal is very tragic, and we recommend the below relief fund if you wish to donate. There is much work to be done in helping the people of Nepal and in rebuilding the areas devastated by the earthquake, we will continue to support these efforts.

International Medical Corps

Although this season on Everest was challenging on many levels, we will continue to climb, and we will return to Everest.

Garrett Madison, Expedition Leader
Madison Mountaineering

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  1. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    For all of us who are passionate about life about pursuing our dreams, and why we love the challenges and rewards of mountaineering, we reflect on our success of climbing above the clouds to stand in awe on mighty summits and experience the view of peaceful serenity, we are reminded of how fortunate we are. We stand in silence to remember all the hardships we encounter, we appreciate the power of nature of human spirit that when we fall, we find the strength to dust off the snow, the rubble, the sadness to rise with the hope to once again climb to reach the summit with newfound glory.

  2. Danya
    Danya says:

    I have been praying and know a lot of other people that have been too. From what I have learned from tragedy, some good can come from it. I found that Garrett and my childhood friend Tim Osborn(Bellingham, Wa) are close friends. Timothy currently lives in the Netherlands and was on a family vacation and at all hours kept watch over you and updated me step by step to asssure I was notified. I felt peace in the trusting words of a mutual friend and knew you would all remain in good hands because of Garrett and his mountaineering expertise . He is the shit as all of us Washingtonians are! :-)Thank you Garrett, I hope to meet you some day so I can buy you a beer.


  3. Joyce Warren
    Joyce Warren says:

    Hi Hayley’s. I am Jenny’s aunt and she has been keeping us informed on your trip. Our church family and friends have been praying for you and your group. Travel safe and our hearts go out to the people of Nepal. God speed. I hope I get to meet you sometime in person. We told Jenny you should come east and walk the Appilacian Trail and hike the white mountains in Vermont/New Hampshire.


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