After yesterday’s exciting summit attempt, the Madison Mountaineering climbing team is safely trekking their way back down the mountain. Once the team is back at advanced base camp, expedition leader Garrett Madison will schedule a helicopter pickup which will transport the team to Lukla airport. From here the team will be ready to take a flight back to Kathmandu where the journey began! This expedition has been nothing short of an epic adventure that pioneered a unclimbed peak in the Himalayan mountain range of Nepal. With over 100 peaks being recently opened up for climbing, I can safely say that the Madison Mountaineering team will be back in 2016 to continue to explore these unchartered lands.

Beautiful photos shared by expedition leader Garrett Madison of the Burke Khang descent and yesterday’s summit attempt are shown below!


Afternoon view of Everest & Lhotse from Burke Khang:



Climbing access pitch to summit ridge on Burke Khang:



The snow corniced ridge just below summit of Burke Khang:



Packing up at camp 2, just below the summit ridge of Burke Khang:



Climbing in the early AM from Camp 1 toward the summit of Burke Khang:



Climbing up from Camp 1 to Camp 2 on Burke Khang:



Dawn, before sunrise with Everest, moon above on Burke Khang:


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