Back in Islamabad!

After a two day bus ride from Skardu we are finally back in Islamabad, and very happy to be here! This is the end of our journey back from K2, the 75 mile trek from base camp to Askole, the jeep ride from Askole to Skardu, then the two day bus ride from Skardu to Islamabad (because of flight delays out of Skardu). We are indulging in our celebration dinner and will be flying out over the next few days. It’s been an incredible experience and a very successful one!


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  1. Lynn Via
    Lynn Via says:

    You guys look great. No way do any of you look like you just climbed and summited Killer Mountain and then trekked 75 miles and rode in a jeep over “killer roads” for over 6 hours. You guys look like you’ve been staying at a resort for a couple of months, all rested and relaxed and wearing sandals no less, proof you have all your toes. Outstanding job guys, you make climbing K2 look easy.


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