Arrived K2 Base Camp!

Yesterday we arrived in K2 base camp, and have enjoyed perfect weather the last 2 days! After a long trek, the comforts of base camp include our spacious dining and communications tent, our personal tents, and our shower tent (this was much appreciated after the week long trek).

K2 Dining-Communication Tent
The food here is amazing, our cook has been filling our bellies with yummy meals in addition to fresh pastries every afternoon. We are fortunate to have ample power to recharge our electronics, and a satellite modem to stay connected with the outside world.

We have enjoyed spectacular views of K2 from camp, and have been planning our climbing strategy with our sherpa team. Our plan is to have a puja ceremony on Friday, then make our first rotation to Advanced base camp and Camps 1 and 2 after that.

View from K2 base camp
K2 Sherpa Climbing Team
Our trekking team is making the most of the base camp experience, and will remain here at BC an additional night before heading out.

Everyone is healthy and in good spirits! We hope this good weather continues!

Garrett Madison

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