Jayar Storms


Jayar fell in love with the mountains at first site and started climbing in Alaska when he was 14 but later moved to Washington and now pursues alpinism in the Cascades. He has been climbing for a total of 27 years and guiding for over ten years. He has summited Mt. Rainier 65 times by 13 different routes but is not limited to experience on that peak. Due to the diverse range of peaks found in Washington, Jayar has thorough experience with terrain such as rock, snow, and ice. Jayar is equally experienced in ski mountaineering.

In 2009 Jayar's son, Winter, began climbing with him and together they have completed many peaks. Jayar's skill with guiding translated well into teaching his son to become a very well rounded and comfortable alpinist. In 2012, Winter started his guiding apprenticeship by co-guiding Grand Teton by its classic complete direct Exum Ridge. Working from this success, Jayar and Winter have had a highly successful streak of alpinism. To date, Winter has summited every peak he has attempted although not always on his first try. To name a few, Jayar and Winter have climbed Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, Little Tahoma, Dragon Tail Peak, Mt. Goodie, Liberty Bell, South Early Winters Spire, and many more. Most recently Winter led the entire north face of Vesper Peak. They have also co-guided some of these peaks. Jayar is very grateful for mountain guiding as it gives him the opportunity to witness so many people's success.